Fiestahan Asian Cuisine

So these photos aren’t mine. These were taken from the page of Fiestahan Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Riyadh, specifically situated on the 1st floor of the Aljazeera Supermarket Building in Sulemaniya Street.

They serve an authentic Filipino taste in a not-so-hurtful-price.

My ultimate favorite is their Chicken Barbecue on stick. It is so tasteful and the part that they use is of course, the best (SPELL T-H-I-G-H). Wish: I wish that they won’t be sloppy in applying sauce because it is all over the place. It pours on the stick which is a hassle if you’re out (it could spill on your clothes). Nevertheless, it is one of the best bbq in Riyadh.

My husband’s favorite is KANSI. I am not familiar with this and since I do not share meals with others (because I don’t like mixing food), I have yet to taste it. My husband’s repetitive orders though are enough to prove how solid the taste is.

Apart from their awesome food, their staff are also great. All of them are friendly and are very accommodating. You’d have the homey feels when you’re dining in. A lot of Filipino expatriates are patronizing the place, no wonder they had to expand their menu! Another good thing is that their page is quite responsive. They’d entertain your queries in a snap! Check this out: CLICK ME

Restaurant Hours: Saturdays to Thursdays from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm. They’d accept last orders at 10:30 pm

Note: This is a CASH only restaurant and they’re not yet on Hungerstation or Jahez (but it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already)


Review: One of Us is Lying

7b814712f4-54ee-4daa-80c1-de165a4fa1077dimg400One of Us is Lying is an OK book if you’re into some non-heavy reads. The characters narrate their own stories which for me, contributes to its lightness. I don’t know how you want your books to be, but my choice is definitely something that won’t burden my “already burdened with work mind.”

The main characters are Bronwyn who became my instant favorite. She is a go-getter, smart, privileged and beautiful. Her parents were self-made immigrants who worked their way up despite the racial challenges faced in the past. The next one is Addy. She is a pretty blonde who is hot enough to be dating a rich and popular jock. Third is Cooper, another jock who is of good morals. As you read the book, you will learn why. Last but not the least, there’s Nate who is Bronwyn’s love interest. He was a drug pusher who happens to get intertwined with this chaos.

The story revolved on the death of Simon. He was a student who’s been sent to detention along with the above four characters, only that he didn’t come out alive. Of course, the rest of them became instant persons of interest.

The book is good enough although it lacked the thrill that I was expecting. I was more of curious as to what happened in detention and who was posting those Tumblr entries expressing the intent of killing Simon, and eventually, actually stating to have killed Simon. I wish there were more action. I felt that it was a love story rather than being a Thriller/Mystery. It didn’t have enough suspense so despite it being good, I am kind of torn whether to give it a two or a three – perhaps it’s something in between.

Anyhow, you got my point, I guess.

KFC Saudi Arabia Serves Rice and Gravy

So why does it seem big deal?

Let me tell you a short story. We moved to Saudi Arabia in 1997. My father barely had enough to sustain us because he had a so-so job at that time. All he could afford as a welcome blowout was KFC. Little did he know, for people like us, my mom and my two sisters, it was already an awesome experience because we were from the province! There’s a slang for that, promdis! Kentucky Fried Chicken was like, for special occasions! Our arrival definitely was a special occasion! I remember their kid’s meal had an amazing freebie. It was a portable projector showcasing KFC characters. I was shocked because the toy was free since I got used to how it was in Jollibee where you have to buy the cheap ass plastic toys compared to how techie and of high class materials KFC freebies were.

But I was more shocked that they did not have rice and gravy. I kind of accepted that fact over the years.


2 days ago, 21 October 2018, the legendary event happened. KFC Saudi Arabia serves rice and gravy (2 Riyals per small tub – similar to the small coleslaw container). We need not go to Dubai to satisfy our gravy cravings! It was awesome!

The gravy is delicious and will definitely cut my cost on steak. I will probably frequent fast food chains at this point than restaurants (FF, meaning KFC take out). I would rate the gravy 8 out of 10, it’s so delicious albeit, tastes more of Mary Brown’s gravy than that of KFC Philippines’ that I am used to. The gravy in KFC UAE lacked salt, but it is closer to KFC PH when it comes to taste.

For me, KFC Saudi Arabia’s gravy is good enough given that Mary Brown’s is not bad. Not bad at all.

So yes, this is not a hoax. Let’s enjoy while it lasts!


PS: As for the cheap ass materials, no worries Jollibee, they all adapted to the norm of cost-cutting when it comes to the quality of toys. Less and less freebies, almost close to nothing!

Images aren’t mine (searched via google): Credits to the Owner