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New moms and soon-to-be-moms!!!

This freebie is for you. Marhababy has launched a giveaway for mommies!

Some of the terms and conditions are cited below:

  • Marhababy provides free Marhababy Boxes with product samples, offers and/or discount vouchers. Pack contents may vary and are sponsored by our partners.
  • Every mom living in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia can get a pregnancy box, and a baby box.
  • You can get a Marhababy Pregnancy Box from the moment that your pregnancy is confirmed and when your due date is known, until the moment that you give birth.
  • You can get a Marhababy Baby Box from the moment that your baby is born, until he or she turns a year old
  • Marhababy Boxes are available until stocks last
  • Subject to your preferences, Marhababy may provide you with offers and information by email.
  • Subject to your preferences and only with your explicit consent, Marhababy may provide your personal details and other information to selected third parties who may contact you by email or post with relevant offers and/or information. Your preferences may be changed at any time in your user profile by contacting To guarantee your privacy, your data will be stored in a secure way and will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent., the exclusive distribution partner of Marhababy, will receive your contact and address details for the home delivery of the Boxes. Information about your child or your family, like due date or birthday will never be shared.
  • You may use the Marhababy Services only for lawful purposes and solely in accordance with our Terms and Conditions
  • You can only register for your own, or your partner’s pregnancy or baby. Double registrations for the same pregnancy or baby are not allowed.

In case of site abuse, they will block you from the site without prior notice.

Come on! That’s easy right? What are we waiting for? Let us avail our freebies!

CLICK ME for the link to avail the goodies

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Gift Box from Nido

Ok, so this is a cool thing.

I know all of us moms have this desire to breastfeed our babies until we can and until the babies want. I salute moms who are able to keep up especially the working moms who pump their breasts out just to be able to feed their babies with legit breast milk, albeit the fact that they’ve gone back to work. I do envy your dedication.

In my case, my son has actually given up on breast milk so we did not really have a choice but to switch to formula. We have this milk that was prescribed by our Pediatrician although we decided to switch him to Nido One Plus upon turning one. He was eating solid food at that time and his appetite went up and he’s become more active and healthier. We had him on that until he’s about 2 and a half.

We switched to the green one (Three Plus), when he’s almost three and now that he is a toddler, he now drinks the the regular NIDO. I loved how my son fell in love with NIDO because not only that it was compatible with him, it’s also quite economical compared to other brands. Given the current price in Saudi Arabia, all you need is to find a brand that will cater your nutritional needs that won’t kill you with the cost.

I would like to share this link (CLICK ME) where you can enter your details (and your child’s). Eligible entries are for those with kids 3 and below. You will get to receive a giftbox full of NIDO goodies. I mean, I know some of you can afford, but who doesn’t love freebies? I mean, legit ones at no cost?

I think this promo runs until supplies last. Hurry Riyadh and Jeddah moms, take advantage of this opportunity.

*Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement

Deodorants for Kids


My son is hyperactive, he’s turning 6 in December. He showers twice a day, one before he goes to school and one before going to bed. I see to it that he is always clean and groomed however, given that he is hyperactive and we live in an extremely hot place, it’s so hard to control his perspiration. I super get annoyed that he doesn’t smell good after school, he sometimes smells like an adult sweat. I really get bothered whenever it happens.

So I have done some research, searched all over the net as to which product to use for kids that perspire A LOT and I stumbled upon this page — Truly’s All Natural, Long Lasting, Cream Deodorant. It sells organic deodorants for adults and children but my interest for now is the one for kids. Frankly, I didn’t think of children needing deodorants, I’ve always thought this process starts when they get to be teens.

Truly’s for Kids is GMO free and come in a 2.5 net fl oz package. It is wax, so it is being applied using fingers.

Where to go for further info?  CLICK ME