Being Thankful at All Times

I was singing this song entitled, “Tagumpay Man o Kabiguan” (a praise song popularized by a Filipino group called Papuri Singers) – it’s on Spotify (please stream it to know how the song goes – it’s really oldschool but — a true classic!)

Tila kaydaling magpasalamat sa Diyos
Sa mga pagpapalang lagi Niyang kaloob
Ngunit kung may dusa at may kalungkutan
Tila ba kayhirap ang Siya’y pasalamatan

The first verse was about how easy it is to thank the Lord for the blessings that He has given us but it is really difficult to find the drive to thank Him amidst sufferings and grief.

Tila ba kayhirap magbigay ng papuri
Kung mga kabiguan nadaramang lagi
Natitirang pag-asa’y tila ba maglalaho
Sa nadaramang paghihirap ng puso

This verse talks about how hard it is to praise the Lord especially when you feel as if  you’re always failing — your heart feels hopeless.

Ngunit ang pangako N’yay wag kang maninimdim
Pagkatapos ng gabi, araw ay darating
Luha sa mga mata’y kanyang papahirin
Paghihirap ng puso’y kanyang papawiin

This talks about God’s promise that we shouldn’t worry about a thing because after the night’s over, another day will come. God will wipe your tears away and relieve your heart from the heavy load.

Sa lahat ng sandali Siya’y pasalamatan
Sa buhay man may tagumpay o may kabiguan
Pangako ng Diyos ay lagi mong panghawakan
Di Niya tayo iiwan o pababayaan

This says that we should thank the Lord at all times — in success or failure. We should always cling onto His promise that He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

I really thought I can sing this song without tearing up. I have had too many heartbreaks and fears in the past years / these days actually. There are times when I cannot seem to put my faith in the proper perspective. There are times that worries consume me. My energy gets drained because I worry a lot.

This is what I remind myself, “I have my God who will comfort me at times that I am too drained to function.”

Can one worship in pain? Can we worship amidst the times that we feel like God’s abandoned us? Yes! Because this is the time to call for Him. Cry to Him! Communicate with Him. He is an omniscient God who has reasons behind all the tears that’s we shed.

I have been worshiping God in my lamentations for I know that He is the only one who will never get tired to listen. He is my comforter and my strength. I am thankful for the trials that He’s brought into me because I learned how to call for Him. I have realized His power over me! He is indeed mighty to save!



Where to Get Customized Prints in Riyadh

I know you have a lot of printing needs that is quite hard to get accomplished because you have to go to certain places in the city, have your husbands, fathers, or drivers take you to those places, I mean, unless you’re one of the ladies who are lucky enough to get licensed — more so, lucky enough to know how to drive. These print shops are usually found in Malaz area or in King Abdullah area near Takhassusi Crossing. I realized that I was talking as if I was addressing an all-female audience! LOL. I am sorry. I also want men to read my blog.

But what if I know someone who can actually cater your needs via Facebook? Just tell them what you need and they’d customize it for you?

If you’re interested, then you got to check out iFrint’s Page! The price list is so economical and they even do bulk orders. They do digital printing on products like shirts, jerseys, purses, coffee mugs, tumblers, lunch boxes, tags and labels. They also have this awesome sublimation prints on frames plus this really amazing mermaid pillow printing that’s sooooo awesome! Kids and adults will surely love it. I can’t wait for my son to see what I had them customize for me this time. I met up with them today and as usual, they made my orders really fast and truly affordable, plus super quality prints for real.

Check them out. Click ME for their FB page.

My Journey to Essential Oils: Diffusing Lavender

I have tried diffusing lavender and yes, it also has the soothing feeling albeit, the scent is more like for room fragrance than medicated (it’s like orange, aromaease, purification [all for another blog post] VS. panaway, oregano [another story for later] and that of peppermint’s) – now, I just realized my backlog.

Copy of peppermint.jpg

So what does a lavender essential oil do?

  • Reduces anxiety and emotional stress
  • Protects against diabetes symptoms
  • Improves brain function
  • Helps to heal burns and wounds
  • Improves sleep
  • Restores skin complexion and reduce acne
  • Slows aging with powerful antioxidants
  • Relieves pain
  • Alleviates headaches

It did relieve me from pain all weekend although I will have to reiterate this, “I am in chronic pain but I prayed to the Lord this morning and asked Him to take every pain away, and what an instant relief! My faith has totally relieved me from it.”

I do believe in the therapeutic effects of the oils for real and I am faithful as well that God has given me channels to discover these essential oils because He knew that I would need to be relieved and at some point, I have to stop tolerating the pain. I mean, God paves a way for these discoveries just like how there are doctors and scientific studies, right?

I have also tried the oil to my son’s eczema as he was scratching all afternoon given that we are in Riyadh and sandstorm is like a staple to our daily lives. I mixed it with my chosen carrier oil, Virgin Avocado Oil, kind of pricey but worth it. I mean, we already invested on these essential oils — might as well spend a little on carrier oils, right? So I just rubbed it on my son’s affected areas and I promise, this is no joke — he stopped scratching after some time. It is a relief to a mom seeing her son at ease. I mean, this is an oil — fragrant and invisible, imagine how hard it is for me to convince my son to use calamine lotion. It is almost impossible.

I am just starting and I know that in time, I will discover more surprise from these oils. I am yet to write about Orange because I use it for my chronic ailment. I may have to wait for some time to see what I can testify on that.

For now, I have to check whether it is oregano or panaway… stay tuned!

By the way, for those who are wondering about how one can become a member, please click on this link: CLICK ME also, if you’d like to know how fast the process is and if you would like to empathize with my first time seeing my starter kit, I have written about it here.