Pie Days


Photo Credit: PIE DAYS

I have been attracted to this place since I first saw their signage. Unfortunately, it hasn’t opened at that time and we never had the opportunity to revisit the place because of our long vacation outside KSA.

We went out last Friday and decided to dine in despite being sooooo full having eaten something heavy while inside the car. We decided to eat light meals so we agreed to go to a pie store, “PIE DAYS,” how lucky was I, right? Just like how I felt when I first saw it, I was amazed by the colors, the design, the uniform — I love everything I see in the store! I now became curious about the taste. Unfortunately, my taste is quite standard. I only like things the majority jologs population would like. I don’t experiment much and I don’t like dishes made extra special so yeah, I am certain that I won’t get compatible with the food they sell. In all fairness, I appreciate nothing but milk breads and mocha rolls from Goldilocks (Philippines) or Blue Ribbon (Riyadh), I also love cheesecakes but limited to those cooked by our former colleague Lourvie or anything reminiscent of the taste. The simplicity of my taste makes it quite complicated.

So the review on food should be based on my husband who is back to the store for his lunch break today, 17 April 2017. He ordered and took home a lot of pies last Friday but that did not limit him from ordering a bunch for today. That’s how he loved it. He took special notice on their Oriental Beef Pie. My sister however loved the Veggie-Delhi and Spinach Pie. As for me? My favorite was the Sunshine Honey Pie and their coffee and tea.

Will I ask to dine there once again? Probably no. But I won’t say no if I get asked by my family. My husband will certainly enjoy eating and re-eating there but for me, I would only go there probably if I needed to catch up with longtime friends “on instances that I’d barely get the chance to eat — since we’d talk incessantly.” In case I get hungry (or famished), there’s always cheesecake and coffee — nothing goes wrong with that! And of course, we wouldn’t ever miss having awesome photo ops especially with the Pie Days backdrop! Fancy!


3538 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd,
As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12223, Saudi Arabia
Contact: Call 055 076 9994
PS: I have returned to the store several times already (contrary to what I have written, still not because of my craving for it but it’s because I know my husband loves it and it will be too selfish of me to deprive him from having this – EDITED ON: 31 AUG 2017

Bakefresh (Online Store)

I know that cupcakes and pastries have become quite a fad in Saudi Arabia for almost 3 years now. Several housewives have started learning the art of baking but I’d say, only few are natural in the craft… one of them is Nadia of Bake Fresh.

It was around a year and a half ago when I knew of Bake Fresh, I started contacting Nadia about cream puffs. Then I discovered how skilled she is in making elaborate cakes and pastries… Nadia is quite an artist! Well I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I don’t buy from others (commercial or homemade), yes, I do, and I do believe that each baker has their strengths that stand out from one another, one could be good in cakes, one could be good in pops, tarts, icings —oh the diversity! But since I am talking about Bake Fresh, I’d say elaborate cake/fondant designing is Nadia’s forte!

I would highly recommend Bake Fresh for your cake needs (click this link for her facebook page). Not only that she sells cakes and pastries, she could also teach you how to make these gorgeous creations!