My Journey to Essential Oils: Receipt of Order & First Trial

Hello. Since my recent blog about My Journey to Essential Oils: Becoming a Member, I have been so anxious about the arrival of the products. I have ordered the products last Friday, 6th of July and I got the package today, 12th – gosh, that fast?


This set on the picture is somehow similar to the starter kit that I have ordered. For Saudi Arabia-based customers, make sure that you choose International 220 — that pack has been cleared for international shipping without those “supposedly” dangerous oils. This photo isn’t mine by the way, I just took it from Google Images – credits to the owner of the photo – cdn (dot) shopify (dot) com.

SIX DAYS? THAT WAS FAST RIGHT? The other night, I have received a call from Saudi Arabian Customs saying that I have a package and that I was supposed to pay for it. I also received an SMS saying that I have to pay like 150 SAR. When FedEx called me today, I had to ask whether I need to pay a thing and he said that I do not need to pay customs fee. So yeah, perhaps it was covered by their consignment contract or so, what really mattered to me is that I didn’t pay a dime apart from what I paid upon checkout.

Here are my eager beaver videos while I was unboxing. I spoke in “Tag-Lish” Tagalog, being that it’s our dialect and English, since I use English on vlogs or IG stories. I just can’t help not speak in my dialect (my mother tongue).

I am also a very amateur vlogger. I do not document much on videos, so pardon the quality of my shots. Basically, these are the contents of a 301.25 USD order. I am quite satisfied with the quantity of the set and I am in love with the packaging. – NOTE: VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN TODAY 16 SEP 2018 DUE TO POOR QUALITY.

I have since used the ORANGE oil, 3 drops massaged on my left abdomen and that is for my spleen – one of my points of concern. I have yet to share the other blends I have in mind. But that’s for another story. I will also observe what it does to me and I hope and pray that it would work on me.

God bless and happy blending!






My Journey to Essential Oils: Becoming a Member

Lavander Flower and Leaves Rustic Wedding Ideas Blog Graphic.jpgBACKGROUND: I have been seeing posts from friends about essential oils from Young Living (click the link to check it out). I have no idea about it albeit, I have been a fan of the good ol’ humidifiers, but it is just different, apparently.

WHEN DID I DECIDE I WAS INTERESTED: I have finally realized I was interested when my health condition doesn’t seem to get eased up. I mean, the chronic pain I have been feeling is intensified. I am on constant medications and supplements but somehow, I felt that I need healing from something else. I have researched about it. Significant research I might say. I felt interested.

FRIENDS AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Some friends IRL and acquaintances from the Social Media have been quite vocal about their experience with essential oils. They never claimed to have miraculously healed. All are just based on their experiences, I mean, the wellness and alleviation they’ve experienced health and pain wise. No one claimed to have been treated fully but they all claimed that when they started using these oils, it somehow delayed the progress of the disease and they have been relieved from pain. I said, “I got to try that.”

NOT TRYING SIMPLY BECAUSE: I have seen several people who testified about these oils but I have three people whom I know who are credible enough to not fool me just for the sake of engaging in business talks with me. For those who know of me, they know that sales talk do not work on me. Instead, “I COME TO YOU” and yes, I did approach a friend about this. She and two other contacts are part of a group in Saudi Arabia and I believe that these credible ladies did really convince me about the use of essential oils. I mean, if it doesn’t work effectively, I don’t think I’d order again, but I trust that I can get the same health benefits that they did plus of course, the monetary implications as well. That should make more sense right.

SO WHAT IS THE PROCESS: Here’s the play-by-play process in registering from Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that not all goods can be shipped to us so we have to be a little critical and mindful about our orders.

FIRST, please go to the virtual office of (you will see the button, “become a member” and it will lead you to this page (click me)

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.56.50 PM

Of course, to avail of the discounts, you got to be a member or you can also opt being a retail customer, but it doesn’t give you any perks you know.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.02.05 PM

If you’re from Saudi Arabia, just click on the country and voila, you’re good to go. But wait, if you’re from the US or Philippines or UK, just change the country and yes, you too are good to go. You may register either as a referred member or like no one referred you. I mean, it’s the same, but might as well help me earn some points you know, it would not do us any harm, it will even earn me a referral. Just kindly insert my membership ID on both the sponsorship and enroller IDs15588830, kindly see the above photo for your reference.

You will be directed to the order process. For KSA applicants, you may choose the Premium Starter Kit – International 220v worth 160 USD just like I did, but yes, feel free to browse on. There is a thing called PV (their points system) and you got to purchase a collection of at least 150 PV to qualify for the minute shipping fee – as in 14 USD. Better watch out for some flash sales too, I mean like they have something from 14-16 July 2018 – I totally missed that chance because I just ordered! Let me show you my first order’s invoice to have an idea what is PV. By the way, as you fill in your cart, you will see how much PV you’ve already carted and how much is left to be filled to reach 200 PV, hence to become a member. See below:

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.15.38 PM.png

By the way, there are two main membership types:

Customer & Independent Distributor (though the latter can be broken down into 2).

  • Customer (buy at retail pricing) – customers join for free: there’s no membership fees, no yearly dues, no obligations and no selling (yeah, no selling!)
  • Independent Distributor
    • as customer (buy at wholesale pricing – no fees, but there is a $50/year purchase requirement). This type of membership is signed up as “Independent Distributor” and requires the purchase of a starter kit, which you can choose for yourself (I chose the international 220v) – this comes with a diffuser. There are great kits that will cost you from $45 to $260. You only have to purchase a start up kit once, at sign up – and they are useful. If a diffuser isn’t something you’re interested in, or you already know what things you’d like to order, the Basic Starter Kit ($45) is a great way to do it, and then you can start ordering the items you have in mind at wholesale, at once.
      • Save 24% off of retail pricing
      • No membership fees
      • No obligation
      • No yearly dues
      • No selling required

If you wish to keep wholesale pricing, the only requirement is that you purchase about $50 worth of products per year (50 PV) – which is hello, done and done from the first ever order. If you do not purchase 50 PV (their point system) worth of products in a year, you can still buy oils, it will just be at retail pricing until you meet their requirement.

    • as business (buy at wholesale pricing – no fees, but there is a purchase requirement). This type of membership is for those who are leaning towards the businessy side of EOs. It is similar to the info above only with small differences. If you love essential oils, it is for sure that you will be sharing the knowledge to your family and friends and because you are a distributor, you will be able to earn a commission when they sign up under your name. Just like being a wholesale customer, you are required to purchase a starter kit, which range in price from $45 to $260 – usually varies due to your choice of diffuser. You only have to purchase a start up kit once (just like the independent distributor – customer). If you wish to earn a commission check, you must also be enrolled in the “Essential Rewards” program and to be eligible for payment, your monthly Essential Rewards order should be at or over $100/month (100 PV)—which is surprisingly easy to do – because essential oils are yes, something you’d really want to buy. Young Living also has a so-called monthly specials that can earn you free exclusives. By the way,  there are now some commissions that you are eligible for at the $50 level, however, $100 level opens you up to certain bonuses that will enable you to eventually cover your ER orders. In addition to making commissions and being eligible for payment, you also earn Essential Rewards points that can be redeemed for free products. These points are great for buying gifts, stocking up, or just getting something awesome for yourself!

Shipping to a PO BOX is a no-no! Give a physical address as the delivery would be either through DHL or FedEx. The fee should not cost you more than 20 USD (see? mine’s 14 USD).

PAYMENT: Major credit cards are accepted. This is by the way not like other memberships where the order goes to me instead of you. The order is delivered to you.

AFTER ORDERING: You will be receiving an order summary through email as well as an emailed confirmation of your membership including the membership info.

Easy steps right? Just please don’t forget that there are some prohibited items that the couriers do not ship to Saudi Arabia (so those potential members who are from other countries may avail of them, OR better yet, kindly speak with their live support online to check what applies to your shipping country, I mean, of course, to check what also does not apply). This can delay your order and enrollment process. Well not just delay, it won’t process your order at all. So please be mindful of the list below:


  • Angelica
  • Blue Tansy
  • Cistus
  • Cypress
  • Dorado Azul
  • Eucalyptus Blue
  • Frankincense
  • Frankincense Vitality™
  • Goldenrod
  • Grapefruit
  • Grapefruit Vitality
  • Hinoki
  • Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil
  • Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil
  • Jade Lemon
  • Jade Lemon Vitality™
  • Juniper
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
  • Myrtle
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce
  • Ocotea
  • Palo Santo
  • Petitigrain
  • Pine
  • Sacred Frankincense
  • Tsuga
  • Valerian


  • Abundance™
  • Common Sense™
  • Egyptian Gold™
  • Gratitude™
  • Grounding™
  • Light the Fire™
  • Red Shot™
  • Shutran™
  • Stress Away™
  • Stress Away™ Roll-on
  • The Gift™
  • Treasure of the Season™


  • Oils of Ancient Scripture™
  • Premier Aroma Collection™
  • Premium Starter Kit with Aria™ Diffuser
  • Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop™ Diffuser
  • Premium Starter Kit with Home Diffuser
  • Premium Starter Kit with Rainstone® Diffuser
  • Premium Starter Kit with Thieves®
  • Bon Voyage Travel Kit
  • Essence of the Season™
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce Kit
  • Everyday Oils™
  • Raindrop Technique®
  • Thieves® Essential Rewards
  • 2015 Oil Collection-Replacement Only- #5461R

Personal Care:

  • ART® Crème Masque

ADVICE: My advice is do not enroll if you do not trust the person who speaks about it. Better find a solid testimony before becoming a member or if you’re kind of like me “who likes to see it for myself regardless of what people say”, then please, “GO FOR IT!” Your initial investment won’t go to waste because these oils are good regardless, hello, we all use humidifier oils so since this one has a reputation of an “upgrade,”  we don’t have anything to lose really.

By the way, there are essential oils groups already getting established in Riyadh, if you need to order like a bottle (5 ml or something), you can ride your order with a groupmate. I heard they don’t mind (as long as you pay of course!).

I will be blogging about my journey with these oils so please, stay tuned. This could be a solid start to our wellness.