Target is a US based store that also caters online orders all over the states and have recently penetrated even the Saudi Arabia market via Borderfree.

My father went to the US for a week so I kind of took advantage ordering online because toys are quite cheap in the US compared to how it’s being sold here in Saudi Arabia. NERF toys to be exact! I was kind of nervous because I didn’t take into consideration the hurricane that took over some cities in the US and I was so worried because my father would be there for only a week. I was already searching about the process of order cancellation and found that it is very easy because we have the option to refuse the item even if the cancellation period (when cancellation option disappears) was already elapsed.

Here’s what we ordered:

I am as excited as my son about these items! I hope my father does not leave them in Frankfurt, hehe (fingers crossed!)


Bakefresh (Online Store)

I know that cupcakes and pastries have become quite a fad in Saudi Arabia for almost 3 years now. Several housewives have started learning the art of baking but I’d say, only few are natural in the craft… one of them is Nadia of Bake Fresh.

It was around a year and a half ago when I knew of Bake Fresh, I started contacting Nadia about cream puffs. Then I discovered how skilled she is in making elaborate cakes and pastries… Nadia is quite an artist! Well I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I don’t buy from others (commercial or homemade), yes, I do, and I do believe that each baker has their strengths that stand out from one another, one could be good in cakes, one could be good in pops, tarts, icings —oh the diversity! But since I am talking about Bake Fresh, I’d say elaborate cake/fondant designing is Nadia’s forte!

I would highly recommend Bake Fresh for your cake needs (click this link for her facebook page). Not only that she sells cakes and pastries, she could also teach you how to make these gorgeous creations!

Cobone-3M Car Detailing

Since I am getting addicted to deals, I feel I had to share our new purchase from COBONE.COM for my Manic Monday entry. I love love love our newly bought Cobone deal! It’s the 3M full-car detailing!

3M targets 300 buyers and lucky enough, we were able to buy one voucher for our car and we were able to entice our friend to register and purchase his own since this deal is a cobone-per-person-deal only. Is this awesome or not!?!

The highlights of the service are the following:

• Exterior and interior cleaning

• Hand dried with top quality micro fiber towels and chamois

• Wax coating with compound made from top quality fluorescein and carnauba, giving your car a brilliant and long lasting shine

• Car A/C Anti- Bacterial Treatment kills over 99% of germs in AC ducts

• Expert staff


• Valid for date 27/2/2012

• Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm

• Offer valid at King Abdul Aziz Branch

• Valid for Sedan Cars and small SUVs

• SR 50 surcharge applied for large cars and large SUVs

• Prior booking require

Upon browsing my cobone account just now, I saw that the 3M deal is over and was able to meet their target of 300 deals! We’re just so glad to have acted fast enough. Goodness gracious! I was even thinking of delaying the order since it’s still valid until 27 February 2012. Good thing I didn’t follow my lazy bones. One advice, if the deal you initially liked is on, “act fast” and don’t hesitate especially if it’s too awesome like this. Otherwise, you’ll end up regretting it.