Big Apple Express Spa-Eastwood

I love to pamper myself. I love SPAs and all that’s relaxing!

I don’t want to sound bourgeois since I am not and I do not even frequent high-end spas you know. I’ve only been to The Spa once and most of my salon/spa experience come from affordable places like Gloss, Wensha, Spa Luvice and Let’s Face It.

It was my first time in Big Apple Express Spa and I liked the service! The masseuse had been great and quiet (unlike my rant on Wensha where the masseuse kept on talking), the people were polite (unlike the masseuse in Gloss who made fun of my being fat and noted that my body was as big as hers) and the Big Apple sheets seemed new unlike the feeling I had on Spa Luvice although I wasn’t so sure if it was just me). My only problem is the massage bed. The hole where you’re supposed to plot your face into doesn’t seem to match my head. I was uncomfortable the entire time and I was in semi-pain. The towel that they’ve placed around the hole (the one that’s supposed to be holding my face due to the weird bed hole) kept on moving so I was totally torn between relaxation and discomfort.

I would probably still go back to this place due to the service in the hopes that they’d change the bed. I hope it’s only my bed (because my husband who was with me didn’t seem to mind) so perhaps it’s just that one bed.

I would want places like this to boom because it’s so cozy and quite far from the buzzing walks of Eastwood… I would give this 3.5 stars if it wasn’t for the bed.


Photo Source: Big Apple Express Spa FB Page


Cobone-Beauty Limits

Welcome 2012. What other way could we better spend the 1st week of the new year but to eat? My friend Lhen invited us over for a group dinner (Kaiser and I, Diane and Lhen) in Vapiano. I actually am familiar with the place but I am totally clueless about their service, all I know is that it’s an Italian Restaurant. Lhen was the one who spent for the dinner using her 8 SAR Vapiano vouchers each worth 80 SAR in real life! Such a steal, right? So Diane and I got curious about it and asked if she could invite us to register and so I did. This morning, I ordered myself 3 vouchers for Beauty Limits to have my haircut (with Joy and mother). I surely would have lotsa photos by tomorrow so my new “do” will be published via a follow-up blog, for now, let me share something about Beauty Limits.

Beauty Limits is managed by sassy Arab women and most attendants are Filipinos. The Manager was kind enough to tour us inside the entire area (despite using Cobone vouchers! LOL). It wasn’t too big a space but definitely cozy.

They have a Saturday-Monday 50% promo.

Mani-ped is 50+50 =100 SAR
Moroccan Bath is 150 SAR
1 hr Massage is 75 SAR

Hair Color (an inch or two below shoulder, 180 SAR)

Somehow, I can sense a “suki” (patron) pricing! Is this not a catch!!!??? So hurry up while the Cobone promo is on!

Vapiano is located in Localizer Mall in Tahaliya Street, Riyadh and Beauty Limits is situated in Al Worood Area

I noticed that the map they’ve provided says it’s opposite the Meed store, but somehow, you’d go crazy looking for it because the store actually closed. So basically, if you’re from the King Abdullah Road Side, you don’t go straight, take the left turn by the roundabout and it’s just right beside a Laundry Shop. You don’t need to go to the Pet Life Store Road (LOL) like we did!

For the layman directions, you know Jeraisy in Olaya, (the one that used to be Toys R Us?) — The small strip of road heading Olaya? Just take that road — go straight until you find Al Rahden Cleaners by your left, it isn’t that far from Olaya-Worood Crossing.

And Oh! They do have a contact no. (00966-554026026 01-4500699), better take directions from them as you make your appointment.

Please click this link: and register

Happy Browsing and Voucher Hunting!