Being Older Scares Me

Seriously, this thought depressed me. It’s not about getting old, it’s about how fast this all happened.  I can still taste mom’s fried chicken that she used to pack for my lunch during my elementary school days… the embotidos and hamonados on Christmas parties… I can still smell the scent of the purse she’s given me in one of my kiddie birthday parties. It smells like synthetic leather!

How can I be 46 in ten years?

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it; but it depresses me to look through the years that have gone by. Where have all the years gone? I should have made the years count and matter more.

Now I know why my mom some years back had this mortality issues as well, perhaps that’s during the same time she’s begun realizing the speed of time just like the way I am feeling now. I truly hope for the time to slow down. I love living so much that it scares me to lose everything that makes my life worth living!


At the end of the day, I still remind myself that I live not for my own happiness but to fulfill the commandments of the Lord. I should be living for HIS glory and honor! Indeed, all these are accessories to our existence because we are created for a purpose that is to serve God.

Now that I am starting to realize, perhaps it’s time to live more for the ultimate purpose.



Fun Fact: A Movie that Still Scares You

Facebook has launched a new thing that people like me have spammed their audience with for the past two days now. I am running out questions to answer because there are some q’s that you may feel to be simple but in reality, they are tough you know.

They call these the FUN FACTS.

It is fun esp. when you’re into those things. The only thing about Facebook is that people don’t really care to read lengthy posts about the author whereas in WordPress, people commit to reading entries (or not?). Regardless, this is the more appropriate platform to elaborate ones FUN FACT, it is highly unlikely to get bashed for posting more than two sentences.


To answer this, the movie that’s frightened me the most is 1408.

There are lots of horror movies that made me scream, shocked me to the bones but this movie — 1408 makes me afraid to re-watch it.  It’s like the anticipation of the song “We’ve Only Just Begun” and the fact that it’s sung by The Carpenters, hehe, it’s kind of freaky.

The thing about the story is that the room isn’t haunted, it’s evil. The tricks it played on John Cusack are sooo real that even I seemed to get sucked onto the movie with the same level of scare. Those agonizing feels do really make me not want to watch it again although the fact that it’s too good a movie, of course I have seen it several times already.

I am just curious about the alternative endings. I was only able to watch one ending and there were several so I guess I have to go search for the other versions.

How about you? What movie still scares you?


Fun Fact: If You Can Live in a Set of Any Movie

I would love to be in “The Holiday” because this movie made me love the Christmas season. It made me see red as Christmas red, I began seeing green like Christmas green! I loved how things sparkle in the movie! I loved how they were all in love! I loved how I can smell the snow and how I seemed to get boozed as they drink their wine! I loved how happy it made me feel… It made me feel in love over and over and over again!

Please click this link to see how awesome it is: Click me