Review: Our Kidzzdom Experience

Where to go for a fun weekend with the kids? Try Kidzzdom if you haven’t yet!

We celebrated my son’s 6th bday in Kidzzdom in Hayatt Mall, Riyadh. The overall feels is okay. There weren’t a lot of people so it’s kind of a plus factor because we didn’t get claustrophobic due to overcrowding.  Please note that the photos below are not mine, they are from Kidzzdom’s site.


The lady in the cashier was friendly. I felt excited to get in because the initial experience from the ticket counter had been nice. So we entered.



My son had to go to the bank first to get his money, the bank is a mini Saudi Investment Bank. The Filipina cashier was friendly and accommodating. I have observed her and noticed that her warmth wasn’t because we are of the same nationality; she is genuinely kind because she was as warm and accommodating to the locals and other expats as well. She had given my son 100 Riyalinos (the currency inside Kidzzdom). That should give him a good start.

Unfortunately, the lady in the small Panda store doesn’t speak English. With that, we had to borrow the banker and she attended to the needs of my son. He was asked to be the customer. He picked three small items and he placed it his mini grocery cart. He also got to experience being a cashier and earned some Riyalinos! I am sure he enjoyed the initial stops.

My son wanted to go to the store and apparently, the stores are “redemption stores” only. Their currency is Riyalinos and they have to have at least 500 in order to enter. I find it a little difficult to achieve since we’ve only earned 300 plus for the entire period that we’re there (from 2:30 pm to 6:10 pm) & we’ve already exhausted our energy.

This is the area map:


Among the stops are the following:

The places that I’d strike out are the ones that are either unattended or places we did not find inside.

  • Train Station
  • The Riyalino Store
  • Supermarket
  • Fire Truck
  • Bank
  • Vault
  • Jewelry Store
  • Beauty Salon
  • Photo Studio
  • Toddlers Area
  • Police Station
  • Window Cleaning
  • Recycling Plant
  • Construction Site
  • House Painting
  • Pizza Restaurant – This is just the best. The Filipina who was assigned here on the 8th of December, noon time is one of the kindest people in the service industry and I have to commend, the pizza that my son made with her. Awesome!
  • Theater
  • TV Studio
  • Acting Academy
  • The Kidzz Dance – I don’t know if this is also the gym where the Filipina attendee was teaching the kids Zumba and hula hoops. She’s one of the most patient people on earth. Paid attention to teaching the kids and she really seemed happy while doing so.
  • Gym – I think I was referring to the gym. I am not sure
  • Fashion Boutique
  • Building in Flame
  • Newspaper Edition
  • Radio Station
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Burger Restaurant
  • Rock Climbing
  • Post Office
  • Hotel – The one in here is also a Filipina. Having seen her, she seems to be doing the task according to the steps assigned MINUS the friendliness and smile. I have smiled 3 times at her and she didn’t smile back, looked at me without warmth. My son obviously did not enjoy the experience.
  • Fire Station – The lady attendant who is also a Filipina had been very patient with my son’s incessant desire to slide. She was so accommodating and I felt that hers is the busiest among all areas because a lot of the kids want to ride the firetruck while shouting “Fire Fighters!”
  • Milk Farm
  • Milk Factory
  • The Arts Academy
  • Flower Shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental Clinic – The Filipina attendant was so serious into teaching the kids. She showed respect to the nature of the place. I loved how she is thoughtful and really paid attention to the kids.
  • Hospital Nursery – A local was assigned in the nursery. She was very careful in teaching my son how to change clothes and bathe the baby. She was so meticulous and patient.
  • Optometrist
  • Reception
  • Surgery
  • Emergency
  • Ambulance
  • City Tour Bus
  • Customs Office
  • Coffee Shop
  • Driving School
  • Autoshop – The autoshop is being manned by a local. He is also the one assigned at the driving school. He is very friendly although looks a little gloomy nevertheless, if you’d talk to him, you will see that he is really enjoying and is really interested in showing the kids how the cars work. He is very patient.

I wished that the salon and the photo studios are open. I also wished for the construction site and recycling is there.  Well, of course, I wish for the ambulance to be working as well since my son didn’t get to have that ambulance emergency ride.

Everything worked out well and if they’d only get full manpower to attend to the stations, it would have been more fun and realistic, I mean instead of seeing same faces at one station after another.

The fee is ok. A little pricey but worth it. Entry Tickets:

  • Infants enter for FREE
  • Toddlers (Age 2-3) SR55
  • Children (Age 4-14) SR105
  • Adults (Age 15 and above) SR55
  • Family Package (5 members) gets 10% Discount

Tip: Cobone.Com has an ongoing promo. Better check it out first before purchasing on site.

The fun part is, you can book them to host your party. Please click the link for information: CLICK ME!

I will definitely go back with a hope that it is going to be full-functioning with enough manpower & yes, hopefully, with a playmate tagging along this time for a “funner experience” for my son.

7 out of 10 stars!


Fiestahan Asian Cuisine

So these photos aren’t mine. These were taken from the page of Fiestahan Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Riyadh, specifically situated on the 1st floor of the Aljazeera Supermarket Building in Sulemaniya Street.

They serve an authentic Filipino taste in a not-so-hurtful-price.

My ultimate favorite is their Chicken Barbecue on stick. It is so tasteful and the part that they use is of course, the best (SPELL T-H-I-G-H). Wish: I wish that they won’t be sloppy in applying sauce because it is all over the place. It pours on the stick which is a hassle if you’re out (it could spill on your clothes). Nevertheless, it is one of the best bbq in Riyadh.

My husband’s favorite is KANSI. I am not familiar with this and since I do not share meals with others (because I don’t like mixing food), I have yet to taste it. My husband’s repetitive orders though are enough to prove how solid the taste is.

Apart from their awesome food, their staff are also great. All of them are friendly and are very accommodating. You’d have the homey feels when you’re dining in. A lot of Filipino expatriates are patronizing the place, no wonder they had to expand their menu! Another good thing is that their page is quite responsive. They’d entertain your queries in a snap! Check this out: CLICK ME

Restaurant Hours: Saturdays to Thursdays from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm. They’d accept last orders at 10:30 pm

Note: This is a CASH only restaurant and they’re not yet on Hungerstation or Jahez (but it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already)

Deodorants for Kids


My son is hyperactive, he’s turning 6 in December. He showers twice a day, one before he goes to school and one before going to bed. I see to it that he is always clean and groomed however, given that he is hyperactive and we live in an extremely hot place, it’s so hard to control his perspiration. I super get annoyed that he doesn’t smell good after school, he sometimes smells like an adult sweat. I really get bothered whenever it happens.

So I have done some research, searched all over the net as to which product to use for kids that perspire A LOT and I stumbled upon this page — Truly’s All Natural, Long Lasting, Cream Deodorant. It sells organic deodorants for adults and children but my interest for now is the one for kids. Frankly, I didn’t think of children needing deodorants, I’ve always thought this process starts when they get to be teens.

Truly’s for Kids is GMO free and come in a 2.5 net fl oz package. It is wax, so it is being applied using fingers.

Where to go for further info?  CLICK ME


I have been using this on my son since October, and truly, he doesn’t sweat in the armpits as much as in the past and he doesn’t smell bad anymore given that he still runs incessantly and sweats like crazy on his hair (head area). The important thing is his armpit perspiration has been controlled and I am a happy mom!